Imagi'Mer : Tales of imagination at sea that sinking feeling



On the occasion of the biennial event of the fishing immortalized since 2007, the Museum of her Sea presents you the temporary exhibition Imagi'Mer : Tales of imagination at sea that sinking feeling from November 5th, 2017 till March 11th, 2018 : that we speak about superstitions, about tales or about legends, the fished stories were salted fortunately, allowing us today still to keep them. Thus the Museum of the Sea invites you to come to weigh anchor to discover - or to rediscover - these stories from the sea!


45 years of news: The Radar, your weekly newspaper


Le Radar, the weekly newspaper of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, chose to celebrate its 45th year of existence to the Museum of the Sea through the temporary exhibition 45 years of current events: the Radar, your weekly magazine presented from November 5th, 2017 till April 22nd, 2018: such as evoked it the team at that time, during its creation on April 15th, 1972, " Le Radar, it is the instrument which allows the driver to see at night and to drill the mist. No boat can take place. We thought that Islands also needed a Radar, because they have neither compass nor lighthouse. We shall place our Radar on most high mountain and we shall tell you every week what it detected on Islands and on sea ". Today, in 2017, The Radar, its history and its stories, settle down on the top of gridley Cape, To the Museum of the sea, to share you its memories and his memoir.