Our main partner

The Ministry of Culture and Communication of Quebec participated in activities, national reach and the development  of the museum and provides professional and appropriate, both with regard to the projects and activities in museology and capital.

Our Museum partnership

In 1992, Tatihou Island, France, wanted to exchange with other places with a strong maritime vocation to pay tribute to coastal communities.

In 1993, Jean-François Détrée, director of the island and Gérard Viel, in charge of public relations, bring to the Îles de la Madeleine a twinning project between Tatihou and the Magdalen archipelago. At the request of the mayors of the Magdalen Islands, the twinning is extended to the entire department of La Manche. The signature between elected Quebecois and Manchois took place at the Îles de la Madeleine in March 1994.

If the twinning was first concretized by the reception of musicians in preamble to the Festival des Traversées Tatihou, it has not stopped for twenty-five years to give pride of place to other cultural exchanges. The two museums of the sea exchange ethnographic and iconographic collections, the representatives of the communities meet to work together on the protection of the littoral, trainees travel from one island to another with the support of the OFQJ ( Office Franco-Québécois de la Jeunesse) and French and Quebec artists are inspired by their differences. These lovers of their territory and the sea are happy to be ambassadors who make cross, on both sides of the Atlantic, the words, the notes of music and the desire to transmit their passion of the inheritance.

Other partnerships

As a non-profit organization, recreational and social economy, the Musée de la Mer participates in sustainable development, cultural and socioeconomic of the Magdalen Islands through various partnership with community organizations.