The Musée de la Mer is a history museum located on Cape Gridley and it overlooks a place deeply connected with the Magdalen Islands heritage. This is «la Grave» on Havre-Aubert Island. This place is an historical site recognized by the Cultural Property Commission of Quebec in 1983.  Today, la Grave is a tourist place, frequented especially in the summer. La Grave was, until the middle of the last century, the busiest port in the archipelago. This is where the history of the Magdalen Islands and the museum began. 

August 8, 1969

pening of the museum in the former parish hall in Havre-Aubert in the presence of Jean-Jacques Bertrand, a former Premier of Quebec. The museum is the work of a Magdalen Islander, father Frédéric Landry. He will be the museum director for over 30 years.


The museum become an incorporated non-profit organization.

October 1973

The museum moved on Cape Gridley.  

December 4, 2011

Following major renovations and expansion, the museum reopens. The building is now equipped with a geothermal system, thereby reducing non-renewable energy consumption.  

June 30, 2013

The new permanent exhibition «Living the Islands» opened. This exhibition requires a double glance. The first – a glance on history – will roam horizontally over the Islands, from their first settlement, through their joys and hardship, to living the Islands today. The second – a glance on ethnology – will be directed vertically on the walls, where objects and pictures from the past coupled with various models and art works show how Magdalen Islanders have adapted their daily life to insularity with trade, fishing, sailing…