The Musée de la Mer Foundation was established in 1995 to support projects especially with respect to capital to build the museum exhibition halls, the reception and storage to meet national standards conservation of archives.

All members of the corporation of the museum are ex officio members of the Foundation. It has five members to its Board of Directors appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Financing activities are organized occasionnally, to raise funds to support projects such as the annual dinner, history quiz, etc.

In 2014, the wording of the Foundation was changed : The Foundation supports the development of projects including acquisition of objects or museum supplies. The Musée de la Mer Foundation also aims to provide financial support to the museum in order to help continue its commitment to héritage conservation and, secondly, to meet its educational and social mission.

The Foundation organizes fundraising events, issue receipts for income tax purposes and ensures that donations from individuals and businesses are invested solely for the purpose of its objectives.

The Foundation is sure to be an important tool that can enhance the Financial assistance granted by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec.

In 2014, the project of the Foundation is to put together a sperm whale skeleton in collaboration with the Aquarium of the Magdalen Islands.